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NO to the Chippenham Gateway

An update from No to Chippenham Gateway group


4th March 2018

I expect many of you read the announcement in the Gazette & Herald “ – Giant hub to be built next to motorway”.  Following last week’s very disappointing decision by the Strategic Planning Committee in Trowbridge to approve Outline Planning Permission for Chippenham Gateway please see below our notes and representations made to the Councillors.

Chippenham Gateway – Latest News – 26th February 2018

Please see the letter to the Wiltshire Council Strategic Planning committee from the NoToChippenhamGateway group –

Download file for printing here or view online below

letter dated 22.2.18

Chippenham Gateway – Latest News – 20th February 2018

We have today had notification that the Chippenham Gateway planning application will be considered by the Strategic Planning Committee on 28th February.

Lee Burman, the case officer, is recommending approval.  There is a link below to a copy of his report.

Members of the public who would like to attend the Strategic Planning Committee meeting on 28th February 2018 would be most welcome.
The Strategic Planning Committee will meet at 10.30 am on 28th February 2018 to consider the Chippenham Gateway application.  Lee Burman the Case Officer is going to recommend approval.
(It goes without saying that it will not help our case if there is any intemperate behaviour)
The meeting is in the County Chamber.
Wiltshire Council
Bythesea Road
BA14 8JN
Planning Office: 0300 456 0114
2 hours free parking at the Council Offices (limited spaces)
3 hours free parking in Cinema Complex opposite the Council Offices
Multi storey carpark less than 5 minute walk further down Bythesea Road next to Argos
There is a multi-storey car park 5 minutes walk from the Council Offices situated further along Bythesea Road



Savills have made further submissions which are available on the Wiltshire Planning website and the deadline for comments is 15th November. Little has changed – it is still the same enormous development.  Please reiterate your arguments as before.

  1. We would particularly like to draw your attention to the following claim from St. Modwen:

In Savills’s response to Economic Development Consultation 1.11.17
Section 2 (para 3) St. Modwen claim there is strong interest from the market but will only provide details to the council officers in advance of committee on the basis that the council will commit to non-disclosure as the expressions of interest are commercially sensitive and must be kept private and confidential.

This prevents the public making informed and constructive criticism of the planning application which is essential to a full and fair process.

  1. Traffic. Independently we have also done our own traffic survey on the B4122, because the figures used by St Modwen’s traffic consultants in the Transport Technical Note looked very low.

Also, no reference is made to increase in traffic from the approved Bird’s Marsh View development on the corner of the B4069 and Hill Corner Road, nor to the future Dyson development at Hullavington.

NO TO CHIPPENHAM GATEWAY’s own traffic survey 13-19th October showed resulted in the following letter to Wilts CC:

Dear Mr Burman,
17/03417/OUT Traffic Survey B4122

A group of local people who are very concerned about this planning application, and have registered their objections, came together last week to conduct a survey of the traffic levels on the B4122 which is the access road to the proposed development. 

Our concerns arose because of:

  1. The high level of traffic which already flows on the B4122 to/from Jct 17 and the queues today, let alone the levels which will subsist if this development happens and the further expansion of Chippenham in line with the local plan; 
  2. The opacity of the Transport Assessment included in the applicants submitted documents, with confusing drafting, lack of stated or unsubstantiated assumptions (e.g. para 6.6.7 of the Transport Assessment), poor data linkage between models and issues between HE’s advisers and St Modwen’s advisers;  
  3. The dependence on modelling flows based on relatively old data (Atkins 2015) or just one day’s survey (PBA 8th June, 2016); 
  4. Lack of consideration of Wiltshire Highways’s response; the local highway authority with the best knowledge of the road network. 

Our conclusions and the data from the survey are set out in the attached Excel worksheets. 

The recycling site, which opens at 10:00 (after our AM survey had finished) until 16:00 (before our PM survey started) has broadly about 400 cars and vans on a wet day, 600 on a dry day and 1000 per day on Saturdays and Sundays. These substantial flows are not included. 

I should also emphasise that our survey coincided with some local schools’ half-term week (e.g. Kington Langley) which would be likely to have lowered the traffic levels. 

Ideally, we would also have surveyed the A350 and A429 but that was not practical for resource and safety reasons. 

You will see that even today, the traffic flows in peak hours on the B4122 are at, close to or in some cases exceed the flows assumed by Atkins and PBA for 2019. 

We are concerned that Highways England have reached their conclusions and recommendation on the basis of outdated or non-existent data in the submissions.

We believe there is an urgent need for a comprehensive physical (i.e. not computer simulated) survey of the traffic flows on the B4122, A350 and A429 at Jct 17 and the results of this should inform WCC’s decision on the outline application.

Please share this with Wiltshire Highways and Highways England.

Yours sincerely 

Edward Buchan

The attached spreadsheet is available here Traffic Count Summary.61117


A summary from the Planning Department on the latest submission

The following is the covering summary comments from the applicant team which I hope is of some use re: your query. Kind Regards, Lee.

Document Reference Consultant Supersedes
Response to Economic Development consultation 31-10-17 Savills n/a
LVIA Addendum n/a WYG n/a
LVIA Addendum – Appendix 1 – Landscape Strategy Plan A097398 LS01-1 v5 WYG A097398 LS01 25 July 2017
LVIA Addendum – Appendix 1 –  Green Infrastructure Strategy Plan A097398 LS01-2 v5 WYG A097968 LS01-2 v3 15th August 2017
LVIA Addendum – Appendix 2 –  Illustrative Boundary Sections n/a WYG n/a
LVIA Addendum – Appendix 3 –  Appraisal Photomontages A097398 LA.06 – Rev B WYG n/a
Transport Technical Note TN004 PBA n/a
B4122 Junction Highway Layout 37813/2001/700 Rev D PBA 37813/2001/700 Rev C
B4122 Junction Drainage Layout 37813/2001/500 Rev A PBA 37813/2001/500
B4122 Junction Longsections 37813/2001/720 Rev A PBA 37813/2001/720
Illustrative Masterplan 2502 F011-L Angus Meek 2502 F011-K
Illustrative Masterplan (Colour) 2502-F011-L_colour
Design and Access Statement Addendum Rev B Angus Meek n/a

The primary purpose of the updated submissions is to address the comments made in the consultation responses received from the Council’s Landscape, Highways and Economic Development/Planning Policy teams.

The ‘Response to Economic Development’ seeks to address the points raised in the Economic Development Team’s further comments.  In essence, it provides further information to evidence compliance with Core Policy 34, and therefore is material to the comments of both the Economic Development team and the Planning Policy team.

The LVIA Addendum, which includes updated Landscape Strategy and Green Infrastructure Plans, together with Illustrative Boundary Sections and Photomontages as discussed.  The illustrative boundary sections and the photomontages are intended to give greater clarity in terms of the strategic landscaping that will be delivered at the site boundaries, and how this could relate to the parameters of the proposed buildings once the strategic landscaping is established (note: the buildings within the photomontage illustrate the maximum parameters and the final buildings may be of a lesser scale).

The Transport Technical Note and accompanying plans confirms that the roundabout at the site access has been reduced in scale from 50 metres to 40 metres.  This follows a series of consultations with the Highway department at Wiltshire Council, who identified that they had concerns regarding the current situation at the Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC), where congestion can sometimes occur which is understood to sometimes have a consequential impact on the highway, and the introduction of a new junction close to it.  Wiltshire Council is seeking to address the congestion that can occur at the HWRC by implementing a scheme of on site management works to address this impact and, assuming the HWRC scheme is effective it is understood that a reduced roundabout design for the site is acceptable (the roundabout has been assessed for capacity and the results of this are included within the technical note submitted).  To provide further comfort the applicant has agreed to commit to a period of monitoring of the HWRC traffic following completion of the on site management proposals, and a commitment to fund further works to deliver further traffic management improvements within the HWRC site.  The traffic monitoring and commitment to a financial contribution if justified by the traffic monitoring can be secured through a s.106.

The Illustrative Masterplan has been updated to reflect the additional strategic landscaping and the amended roundabout design at the site access.  This is accompanied by a Design & Access Statement addendum, providing an update to the cross sections so that they accurately reflect the strategic landscaping proposals now set out within the LVIA addendum.

How to find and comment on the amended planning application

An amended planning application has now been submitted by St Modwen / Savills and has been uploaded by Wiltshire council to their planning website. The information on the amended planning application is available at the planning application page for 17/03417/OUT. The plans and documents supporting this amended application are available here (look for the revised plans section with documents dated 1st November).

Please note that Wiltshire council is asking that any further comments be submitted by November 15th 2017! You can add your comment on the amended plans by using the link shown.

You can still write to the Planning Department setting out your views if you have not already done so. The address is:

Mr Lee Burman
Planning Officer
Development Management
Wiltshire Council
Monkton Park
Chippenham, SN15 1ER

Thank you for your support and please inform others as you think appropriate as our contacts are limited.

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